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Village tourism: WB

School Dara (3km Mirik)

Tucked away among the rolling hills of Darjeeling, Mirik the youngest sister of Darjeeling comes as a pleasant surprise to those looking for the old magic of the hill stations. In this quaint town, the old world and the new comes together in a seamless and charming union. Crowned as the Lake Town of Darjeeling, Mirik cradles in her very own bosom, the beautiful Lake Samendu-the centrepiece of Mirik's allure and charm.

At a distance of three kilometres from Mirik lies "Mirik Busty Rangbhang Homestay". The vacation home is modelled on village tourism and is the first venture of its kind in Mirik Valley. It offers a getaway from the fast paced city life and is ideal for physical and spiritual rejuvenation."Mirik Busty Rangbhang Homestay" is specially meant for tourist who wants to enjoy few days of solitude away from the outside world including the other tourist. It gives an opportunity to the visitors to blend in with the local people and enjoy their simple and holistic lifestyle. Rangbhang has a world to offer to tourist who is looking for the pleasures of the hill stations of the by-gone era. A peaceful environment wreathed in the fragrance of orange blossoms and wild flowers, it's a heaven for the bird watchers and nature lovers.

Stay at: Rangbhang Homestay 


Rangeet majuwa (4km Manevanjan)

The Majuwa Forest Camp is situated 4 km from Moneybhanjyang at the lap of mother Nature of the bank of Sawaji Khola, the source of river Rangeet, one of the famous river of Darjeeling. It is embraced with two beautiful villages called Majuwa and Singbungdera and is surrounded by Singalila forest range, untouched flora and fauna, pollution free envirinment with beautiful welcoming chirups of birds and magical dances of varieties of butterflies.

Stay at Aranya Bas- 

3 cottage, 2x DB room, 2 x 4bd Dormi


Dhotrey (30km from Manevanjan)

Dhotrey ( 8,500 ft )is a forest village with few small huts located adjacent to  'SINGALILA NATIONAL PARK'. The old village was first spoted at the time when logs were collected by Forest Dept. with a 5kms long rope-way in this area. Afte demolishion of the rope-way mid 80s the village economy became ruined. Since mid 90s, effort was given to develop a village tourism centre. On 9th February 2008, a fire had destroyed 33 huts. Now, the village again has been rebuilt with the help of Forest Dep. and many well-wishers, as well as the other fellow villages around Darjeeling. Surprisingly the satellite image updated on that very day.
A Buddhist Monastery has renovated by Rumtek authorities of Sikkim.
At present any nature lover can stay at Dhotrey, in village huts / Home-stays.
Electricity has been introduced here on 27th September 2015.
Car, jeep and bus services are available regularly from Darjeeling.

Stay at Sherpa lodge Dhotrey.



Singalila Jungle Lodge is a nice option. This is a family owned property owned and run by Avinash Rai - a local. The lodge is spread across some 9 acres of land area full of lush forest and plantations. Once you are in the lodge premises, the only noise you may hear during the day is the chirping of the many birds in its garden. The lodge offers a spectacular view of the Singalila National Park and the landscape of Rimbik. 

The rooms are made in traditional Napalese style. Currently they have 4 rooms with attached bath, and an annex building with 3 rooms with a common toilet. All rooms are furnished and some of them have fireplaces (something you will surely like to have during winter). Most of the herbs, spices and vegetables are sourced from their own organic kitchen garden. 

Palmajua is a beautiful small village nestled at an altitude of 7,250 ft in the fringe of the well known Singalila National Park . It's a great place for nature lovers to stay 1-2 nights. Palmajua offers tranquility and serenity amidst beautiful forested hillscape and wonderful views of the Eastern Himalayan peaks.

Adventure lovers can go for short treks from the village to the nearby forest.

Places one can visit from Palmajua includes Ramman hydel project, Dhotrey (for wonderful sunrise), Rimbik, Srikhola, Meghma and other places of this region.


The road from manebhanjang to majuwa is unmetalled village road, and sharply downhill.The distance is only 5 km, but the road condition is bad, so it takes more than 30 mins to travel those 5 km.

The eco-tourism endeavour, aranya baas (literally translated as forest stay) is on the banks of a river Sawaji khola, which is a tributary to the river rangeet.It is in between the villages Singbungdera and Rangeet Majuwa, amidst forests.

The cottages are all spread across various levels, amidst a pretty but not very manicured garden.The river water has been cleverly utilised using picturesque bamboo entraptions for irrigating the plants.

There is electricity and also generator facility in case of power cuts.However, no modern gadgets like television etc is there.
Some pointers:The double beds are small.They would just fit two adults.If you have a kid, take two rooms.
The tree house has 2 single beds
Take your own medicines, some snacks(They don't provide evening snacks). They can provide mineral waters.Carry torch and insect repellants.

Stay at Singalila Jungle Lodge 

Chibo (4km Kalimpong)

Chibo is a small hamlet  and a new tourist destination just 4 km from Kalimpong. Mountains have always been a wonder for tourists. Chibo is perched at an altitude of 4100 feet offers mind blowing views of Mt. Kanchenjunga.  This pristine hill village in the Himalayas located on a ridge surrounded by forests of Dhupi and pine trees. Colourful flowers,  light trekking, chirping birds majestic Kanchanjungha makes the village an ideal weekend destination.

Stay at Chhibo Inn. 


Ramdhura (15km Kalimpong)

Ramdhura, one of the smallest villages in India, with a fabulous view of Mt. Kanchenjungha and the snaking Teesta River, is a fascinating village tourism destination in the lap of Eastern Himalaya. This picturesque hillock of Ramdhura  truly offers some of the best postcard views of the Eastern Himalayas. Mt. Kanchenjungha stands amidst the expansive slopes of lush green mountains and the mighty River Teesta hurdles through the gorges below. Spend a day or two in this village to enjoy the panorama from your homestay’s balcony while sipping your cup of Darjeeling tea. You can trek along the slopes of the surrounding pine forests, enjoy bird watching and visit few local attractions like Hanuman Tok (viewpoint) and Mahadev Dham Temple. If you are fond of adventure sports likeParagliding, then our homestays at Ramdhura can arrange it too.

What to see in Ramdhura:

Ramdhura is a small village just 15 kilometers from Kalimpong with a fabulous panoramic view, a mesmerizing sunrise with its changing colours over Mt. Kanchenjungha, the Teesta River, the pine forests, the Cinconha Plantation and an army of colourful birds and butterflies. While staying at Ramdhura, you can visit the Jalsha Bungalow (built by the British in 1930), trek along the forests of nearby Icchey Gaon, visit the monasteries of Pedong and take your children to Delo Science Park.

Stay at Bhutia Homestay.


Sillery Gaon

Sillery Gaon, a small village surrounded on all sides by tall pine trees, at a height of about 6000 ft in the Darjeeling district, is an upcoming tourist destination, lovingly called by the locals as New Darjeeling.

 Located at a distance of around 8 km from Pedong and 5 km from 21 Miles, this sleepy village of New Darjeeling offers a magnificent view of the Kanchendzonga, the third highest peak in the world. The shimmering silver peak and the serenity around entice every traveller visiting the village.

 The name “Sillery” is derived from the name of a plant that grows in abundance in the region. This area also abounds in Cinchona Plantation which was introduced in this region by the British, as a source of Quinine used for the treatment of Malaria.However, cultivation still continues today, despite alternative quinine derivatives.

This quaint village of Sillarygaon houses around 30 families for whom felling of trees and basic agriculture was a way of life before village eco-tourism paved the way for an alternative source of livelihood. A few families have made collective effort to promote eco-tourism with the introduction of a few Home stays in the face of adverse conditions. With no permanent electricity supply in the village, the villagers ensure comfort and electricity to tourists by using generators or providing candles and kerosene lamps at night.

Ichhe Gaon

Icchey Gaon, is located at an altitude of 5800 feet in the hills of Kalimpong, district Darjeeling of West Bengal. This marvelous hill top offers a spectacular view of Mount Kanchanjangha. Ichhegaon, which means top in the local Lapcha language is the topmost point of this area. The lash green forest of the valley is made up by woodlands of Pine, Birch and Juniper trees. Few rare orchids and colorful and bright canopy of Rhododendron is a visual pleasure.

This small hamlet is located just 15 KM from Kalingpong. Kalimpong is 65 KM from Siliguri. The fresh green village houses approximate 30 families. You can enjoy the nature of your very own in this place. The accommodation is offered in the form of homestay by the local very friendly and simple villagers.

The eco-friendly organic village is populated by good hearted people who know the truly how to treat a guest. You cannot even expect this kind of service in a five star hotel. The service with homely touch and smiling face will be real overwhelming.

The place is gods own place. No fear, no crowed, no tension, no stress – the place has only happiness. Just imagine staying in a wooden cottage in the midst of dense alpine forest. If you are excited with your imagination plan a weekend trip for Icche Gaon.

In the evening the twinkling lights of Darjeeling, Ravangla and Sikkim will spellbound you. The temperature of this place varies from 2 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius. The cool bridge will make sure that you not uncomfortable.

The sunrise can be best enjoyed at Ramitey view point. The sunrise over Mount Kanchanjungha is such a gleaming view that you will never forget this moment in your life. Many unknown clipping birds also will welcome the sunrise with tweets will be an overwhelming harmony. The entire Himalayan range and the Teesta River can be viewed from Ramitey view point.


Sillery Gaon, which is separated from Icche Gaon by a hill is just 2.5 KM trekking distance. Enjoy trekking while passing through dense forest of Pine, Fern and many other tropical trees. If your luck favors you may find some exotic birds and animals on the way to Sillery Gaon. The beautiful village also have many homestays, your alternate accommodation option in Kalingpong hills.


If you are drinker it is recommended to get the same from Kalimpong. None of the homestays have a bar. Those two villages are one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling district.

Rishi Khola

Reshi or Rishi or Rishi Khola is located in the Kalimpong sub division on the West Bengal –Sikkim Border. Rishi Khola derives its name from the Reshi River (Khola in Nepali meaning a small stream) and has gained prominence as an upcoming offbeat tourist destination as recently a number of resorts have come up on the banks of the river, not surprisingly because of its unique location and scenic beauty. Topographically, Reshi  Kholadivides the states of West Bengal and Sikkim.

It’s a perfect stopover for tourists intending to visit 'The Silk Route' as it is a nice picnic and camping ground for tourists to have fun and chill out on the banks of the river rishi. It is also an idyllic spot for romancing the moonlight with a light barbecue and bonfire. Tourists can also indulge in luxury of bathing in the crystal clear river water and to cast the net for a light barbecue. Tourists can also get a feel of staying in pitched tents and test their wilderness streak.


For trekkers and adventure lovers,  Reshi offers innumerable opportunities for rock climbing and light treks.


Daragaon (30mins-Kalimpong)

Dara Eco Village is nestled on a mountain slope facing Mt. Kanchenjungha and River Teesta is beautiful destination for nature lovers. Located ahead of Teesta Bazar in the Teesta Valley, the Dara Eco Village is amidst orange orchards  is a home to few terraced farms and forests. But the real attraction of this little village is the 106 year old Heritage house.

This 106 year-old Dara Gaon Bungalow is perched on a hilltop surrounded by orange orchards, forests & with a panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjungha. Sightseeing trips to Kalimpong, Durpin Monastery, Delo, & tea plantations like Lopchu and Peshok are also nearby.

 Apart from bird watching, trekking and enjoying a nature walk along the forest trails to the nearby Chortens on the hill top, you can also visit nearby Kalimpong town. Sightseeing trips to the various attractions of Kalimpong like Durpin Monastery, Golf course, Delo Park, Cactus garden and tea plantations like Lopchu and Peshok can also be arranged.

Heritage Bungalows (Unit of Travel Monk)

Green hill home stay.


Lamahatta (Darjeeling 23km)

At an altitude of 6800ft Lamahatta is a calm and peaceful village with Pine trees standing majestically with the towring Mount Kanchenjunga in the fore front. Nestled amidst greenery rivers and terraced hillscape picturesque Lamahatta is an upcoming eco tourism destination.

Walk through tea gardens, jungle trek, rafting in Tista (15km) are the attractions for the adventure lovers. The majestic Eastrn Himalaya, calmness of the village, flowers and orchids and surrounding nature lure honeymooners in this hamlet. The watchtower offers an excellent view of the entire landscape.

Stay at Lamahatta Lodge or Mountain view home stay.



Chatakpur, at an altitude of 7887 ft, is a tiny village nestled in the lap of Eastern Himalaya.Chatakpur accommodates around 20 villager families. The village is 18 kms from Jorbanglow, 7 km from Sonada on Siliguri-Darjeeling road and 90 kms from NJP.

Chatakpur village is situated within Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary , Darjeeling. The place has now transformed itself to a tourist destination. Chatakpur offers fascinating view of  majestic Mt. Kanchenjungha, lush greenery, forest trails and wooden cottages. Chatakpur is a magnificent calm and tranquil holiday destination and also a paradise for bird watchers.

where visitors make a beeline for the lush greenery, wooden cottages, forest trails, trekking routes, and overall, a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, with an area of 38.88 sq. km has an elevation of 1500-2600 m. Surrounded by high mountains Senchal receives a very heavy amount of precipitation. Also the Sanctuary is crisscrossed by number of streams and Jhoras.

During the switch from a timber smuggling den to a tourist haven, the forest department electrified the village and brought drinking water to the hamlet inhabited by the 90 villagers living. Arrangement for sanitation was also made in each household.



Bara Mangwa Farmhouse, housed on a mountain slope amidst orange orchards facing the confluence of Teesta and Rangeet Rivers, is an ideal place for nature lovers and adventure enthusiastics.  Located in the Darjeeling district, in the Teesta Valley, close to Kalimpong, the Bara Mangwa village is home to a small number of farms, local huts and too many orange orchards. The farmhouse offers good accommodation with good good arrangement. From Baramangwa tourists also go for rafting in Teesta River, learn rock climbing from the experts or opt for angling here. Bara Mangwa is a tiny village that gives you the opportunity of experiencing life in its simplest forms in a little and forgotten corner of the Himalayas. 

Stay at Baramangwa Farmhouse.

Distance from Siliguri – 60km.


Chhota Mangwa

Chota Mangwa is a charming quiet village located amidst orange gardens with majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjungha. Winding village alleys passing through landscaped gardens and cottages with view points located everywhere along the mountain slopes make this village one of the undiscovered gems of Eastern Himalayas. This relatively new destination nestles at the top of the Mangwa hill in the Darjeeling district, offering picturesque view of the snaking Teesta River and magnificent mountains. Chota Mangwa, is an eco village where no vehicles ply within its area and tourists must leave their car before entering it. A trip to this exotic destination will offer you the true essence of village life nestled in the lap of mountain.

Distance from Siliguri – 61km.

Stay at The Chota Mangwa Eco Cottage.


The nearest airport is Bagdogra which is 80 km from Kalimpong.


The nearest railway stations are Siliguri Junction & New Jalpaiguri Railway Station.


Kalimpong is connected to Darjeeling (60Km), Siliguri (105km) and Gangtok by road through buses, jeeps and private taxis.

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