Resorts in Gorumara National Park

Resorts in Gorumara National Park

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About Gorumara National park

Gorumara  was declared as wildlife sanctuary when it was a small forest. Later in the year 1992, it was declared as a National Park, comprising of 89 kms of diverse forest. Lataguri is the nearest Tourist Strip near Gorumara National park.

Located on the floodplains of Murti and Jaldhaka rivers the Gorumara National Park has a large variety of flora and fauna. The grassland of Gorumara is famous for Asiatic one-horned rhino.

Most common animals in the area are one horned Indian rhino, Elephant, Indian Bison, Leopards, Rock Python, Malayan Giant Squirrel and deer as they regularly come to the salt reservoir just below the tower.

Take safari to experience wildlife and natural beauty of the forest. Visit Khoerbari Nature Park, 15 kms from Madarihat. I t is a Medical care and rehabiliation centre forTigers and leopards.

Visit Totopara, a small village located on the bank of River Torsa at a distance of 22 kms from madarihat. This village houses the Toto tribe, a primitive tribe in Dooars.

Totopara is a major attraction for those interested in ethnic tourism. Toto Para is the only settlement for the Totos, one of the most endangered ethnic communities in the world.

Hidden deep inside the Chilapata Forests the ruins of a thousand yeas old fort of Nal King has a tremendous historical and archeological importance. Built in the 5th century during the Gupta Empire the ruins still recall the memories of the Golden Age. Because the site is not maintained properly, it has now become the play ground for leopards, snakes and other animals.

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