The Virgin Beauty – Arunachal Pradesh Part – 4

Author: Archan Dhar

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Travel Dreams Archive 30 May 2013

The Virgin Beauty – Arunachal Pradesh Part – 4

Dirang is a Dreamer’s Paradise. Its intrinsic spectacular scenic beauty makes it an ideal place to rest for a while. Therefore, in order to give our tired souls some rest and to replenish our energies, we decided to stay put in Dirang for 2 nights. It is in a way similar to places like Darjeeling and Gangtok, with the exception that the hills can be seen easily and is not filled up with hotels and houses. It gives us a full view of the unadulterated nature. You can spend ages doing nothing in a place like Dirang.

Situated between Bomdila and Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh is about 42 Km from Bomdila. It is at a much lower altitude than Bomdila and thus, the weather is much milder & comfortable, a constant wind blows along the river valley making it a very pleasant place to stay. Dirang is placed at an altitude of 5K.

Dirang Chu (‘Chu’ means ‘River’ in local dialect) runs parallel to the main highway all the way up to & beyond Dirang. The other notable feature noticed in this part were the cultivated fields, which unlike the mountains of north India, are not terraced, but placed on the slope, probably due to much more heavy rainfall in this part as compared to north Indian mountains.

Excellent accommodation facilities are a rarity in entire Arunachal Pradesh and Dirang is no exception. The hotels are comparatively inexpensive as well. Possible reason for this is that the state is not overcrowded with tourists. We were put up at the best hotel in Dirang, Hotel Pemaling. Location is the best virtue of this property; on the slope of a hill overlooking the valley. The hotel was reasonably clean with running hot water supply. Tariff was between 1500 and 3000 plus 10% service charge.

Contact Number: (91) (3780) 242615.

Website: //…ing_Dirang.htm

We went to few places around Dirang including the Sangti Valley. It is very difficult to describe the beauty of the place. Huge open uneven space with knee deep Dirang River flowing makes it an ideal picnic spot. The water was ice-cold and the area is frequented by yaks of different shapes, sizes and colours. We also saw some stray horses (or mules rather) and some cows with long body hairs.

Our first morning in Dirang made us feel that we were truly in the “Land of Dawn-lit Mountains”, Arunachal Pradesh. Placid mountain ranges, un-spoilt greenery, turbulent streams gushing through and the colourful tribes offer a dream escape from the materialist world. We had no hesitation to accept the fact that we were present in the most sparsely populated state of India. On our way through the town, we spotted orange trees. The green and orange combination looked awesome.

Dirang has a Sheep breeding farm and Yak centre and apple and orange nurseries. But these are not the tourist spots of Dirang. Every bend around the hills, every view of the numerous streams and every section of the town centre is picturesque and a treat to watch. There are numerous tourist spots in Dirang that doesn’t have a name or cannot be described. You will have to surrender yourself to the pious nature to experience the beauty of the place.

We walked through the tribal villages and every here and there we got to see Orange trees filled with the fruits. We went to a small farm where Oranges and Kiwi fruits were cultivated. And at this height the hill edges were lit up by the dazzling red rhododendrons. We walked through a Monpa tribal village where ladies were sewing cloth using their own primitive means.


Author: Archan Dhar

Pune, Maharashtra, India



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